Cheesy Hairstyles and Accessories From Superbowl 2011

Cheesy Hairstyles And Accessories From Superbowl 2011If you are a Wisconsin native, you are problaby still relishing in the victory of the Green Bay Packers last night over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game, advertisements, the half-time show, and nosh were all on our minds leading up to and on the big day. A topic that wasn’t in discussed in much detail, was the “cheesy” hairstyles and accessories from Superbowl 2011.

Show me the money. This couldn’t be more true for Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamalu’s tight curls. In fact, Mr. Polamalu is now the Head & Shoulders spokesman and his hair is insured for $1 million. How can an athlete stay cool in such long and curly tresses? Is a haricut in his future? According to, this is not an option, especially since his hair is now insured for $1 million!! From the winning team, Clay Matthew’s hairstyle of lucious lengthy blonde tresses has brought him more than just the trophy this NFL Season. He now has a contract with Suave for Men’s reformulated line of hair care products. Just goes to show, you can’t jude a football players hair by his helmet!!

Green with gusto. Why not be true to your school and get your color on. Many fans decided to endulge a little green (or a lot) in order to show their team spirit. In fact, former MMA champion Chuck Liddell showed his true colors when he dyed his mohawk green. A woman sitting next to him chose “less is more” and highlighted some of her hair in green.

Hats enough. Some of the fans from the Packers wore hats in the shape of a block of cheddar cheese. The Steelers had their share of hard hats with a fake piece of steel going through the middle. It was obvious that the fans from both sides had a lot of fun and personality.

What team were you cheering for yesterday during the Superbowl? What was your favorite part of the Superowl?

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