Choosing the Right Hairbrush

Some people still think that in order to keep their hair looking good and feeling great, they have to brush their hair 100 times before going to bed. But little do they know that this is no longer the norm, as the key to great-looking hair is using the right hair care products including the hairbrush that you use. Yes, even if you use the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair, without the proper hairbrush, you still can’t have that soft, shiny, and healthy hair that you’ve always wanted. So, what is the suitable hairbrush for your particular hair type? Read on below to find the different types of hairbrush that you can choose from. 

Paddle hairbrush. Typically made with wide and flat surface, this type of hairbrush is best for straightening medium to long hair. Those with medium to long hair often complain about hair tangles, and this paddle brush is what they can use to detangle and transform their hair into a sleek and smoother mane. This also features pins that gently stimulate the scalp and with regular brushing, you’re guaranteed that this helps in distributing the hair’s natural oils from root to tip.

Rounded hairbrush. Got curly hair? Then this one is for you. This is used primarily to give curl and definition to a hairstyle, so when you go to a salon and want to get some curls, your hairstylist will use one of these rounded hairbrushes.  Of course, the smaller the curls, the smaller the round brush that will be used.

Vent hairbrush. If you have long hair, this brush is for you, as it helps create smooth straight styles when used with a blow dryer.  And since it comes with a hole in the center, it’s more convenient to use when blow drying, as it allows air to pass through the brush; thus, reducing the drying time.

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