Fedora Hats: Be a Man of Style

These days, women are not just the only ones who are conscious about their looks but men too. Ask any man what his favorite clothing and hair accessories are, and he’ll immediately give you answers like what women do. And if any woman loves wearing fedora hats, any man will sure do too. So today, fedora hats for men are widely available for those looking to be a true man of style.

Fedora hat defined

A fedora is basically a soft, brimmed hat that’s made with a creased crown. It was first worn in the late 1800’s, but gained popularity even in the 1900s. It was even worn by famous characters in movies like Indiana Jones and Freddie Krueger; plus, celebrities like Jimmy Stuart, Al Capone, and Michael Jackson gave this accessory more exposure and fame. And to date, fedora hats are still widely used by many celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

Types of fedora hats

If you want look like Bruno Mars, then it’s high time you look at some fedora hats. The options available for you are Sinatra and gangster fedoras, urban-styled fedoras, and outdoor fedoras. Although the first option is still widely available today, the more modern style will sure catch your fancy more, as it’s great for clubbing and provides a more stylish look. The last option, on the other hand, is ideal for any outdoor activity, so it’s perfectly fine if you add one to your collection.

But wait, there’s another type of fedora hats that you might find interesting—the fedoras hat’s close cousin known as the trilby. This is slightly narrower than the fedora, so when you wear one, you’ll notice that it gives a tinge of attitude.

Fedora hats are really great accessories for women and men alike. They do turn any man into a man of style, so why not consider getting one?

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