Gabrielle Union’s Union with a Wide-Brim Hat

gabrielleunionwidebrimmedhatThese days, it seems like more and more people wear hats. Are celebrities with a great sense for fashion to be blamed? Well, yes, no, maybe so but if you see them wear hats like it’s the most natural thing in the world and look good at the same time, why not, right? This is how Gabrielle Union looked like in this photo when she wore an all black ensemble. Picture the same photo without the hat on her head and it would not deliver the same chic touch to it. There goes one reason for you.


Since Gabrielle Union started in show business, it seems like she has not had a shortage for work. She was seen in so many movies like Bad Boys II, Constellation, Cradle to the Grave, Meet Dave just to name a few. She has starred with the like of DMX, Jet Li, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith and more.

Straightforwardly speaking, Gabrielle is a mountain of many things, an all-around, bona fide dudette with a string of assets to her name: gorgeous body (she’s very athletic, you see), long legs, pretty face with a pretty be-dimpled smile and so on. This pretty lass is a strong advocate for women’s right, has been actively speaking about it in many public women advocacy gatherings and has been praised by Oprah Winfrey for that.


It may have taken a few years before Gabrielle Union hit big time after appearing in a series of defunct TV show, but look at her now. Who could forget Iris, the brash cheerleading captain role she played in Bring It On? Surprisingly, that movie was a big hit and was hailed by movie critics.


Almost always, there are inspiring stories behind the success of many Hollywood stars and Gabrielle Union is no exception. This young lady survived a very trying incident at age 19 but that didn’t stop her to achieve success. Be inspired by Gabrielle and if that means starting to follow her fashion footstep beginning with the hat, you can get one now!

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