Great Hairstyles For Job Interviewing

The current state of the economy has most people in some state of employment or unfortunately, unemployment. This can take a toll on people emotionally and physically. Lack of money can impact the way a person looks and feels about job interviewing. Put on your best smile and go to a job interview with a hairstyle that can! Not sure what to do with your hairstyle? Here are some hints and tips that can help get employed!

Classic short hairstyles. Short hairstyles that will show your best, professional self are on the shorter side. Whether hair is a bob or layered, keep tresses trimmed. How short? Above the shoulder and a little bit below the ears. Add an earring as an accessory. ry a small gold hoops or pearls. If interviewing for a job in the nursing field, a short hairstyle like the pixie cut is a plus.

Longer tresses. Don’t cut hair short. Long hairstyles can also look great on an interview. Wear them pulled back and in a bun or braid. This is a crisp and clean professional look that a potential employer will notice. Don’t hide behind hair falling in front of the face. Facial experssions and eye contact are very important during a job interview.

Color. Blondes may have more fun, but they also may not get the job. There have been studies that show the impressions of blonde hair color and a potential employer. Unfortunately, the blonde hair color represented a lack of intelligence. We all know plenty of smart blondes out there! What is a safe hair color for job interviewing success? According to, sandy blonde, light browns and subdued brunettes are the most successful.

No matter what length your hair is during an interview, remember that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Keep yourself well groomed when unemployed. You never know when you might meet a potential employer. In line at Starbucks or at the library. Be ready and get hired on the spot!

Do you know anybody searching for a job right now? Could any of these hairstyle tips help them feel more confident in their search?

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