Great Hairstyles From The Country Music Awards

Country Music AwardsIf you think that country musicians only wear cowboy hats, jeans, and cowboy boots, you must not have watched the Country Music Awards last week. Everything form head to toe was much more fashionable. There were some hairstyles that really stole the show! Who knew that the Oscar recipient Gwyneth Paltrow could also play guitar and sing a country tune? Both her performance and her “hairpparence” were flawless. Here are some other ladies of “honky tonk” that should be recognized for their hairstyles.

Sheryl Crow looked incredible in her dress and loose bun. She told reporters that she was sitting in curlers reading to her two toddlers about an hour before this red carpet appearance. How does she do it?

Carrie Underwood also looked fantastic in her dresses-she had a few that night- and her thick, flirty curls. She has continued to blossom in her talent since her days on American Idol.

I just fell in love with Reba McIntire’s green halter top gown, which played up her beautiful red hair with an equally flattering hairstyle.

LeeAnn Rimes is just so adorable and her hair was slicked back in front and in a loose french braid in back.

The men at the CMA Awards also had some hairstyles of note. Dierks Bentley definitely caught my eye. Imagine Justin Bieber with tight curls. He also was able to make a 5:00 shadow look hot. In fact, most of the men at the CMA Awards sported the 5 o’clock shadow. The wore it well. They may have had more hair on their faces, but they were definitely without attitude.

Did you have any favorite hairstyles from the CMA Awards this year?

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