Grey Hair? No Reason Not to Accessorize & Beautify

711b3e13ee8cb554_zipper-bandsWell yes, there’s no denying that grey hair is a sign of getting old. That a woman has matured. But truth be told, it does not always mean advanced age that hair accessory might not be suitable. There are several reasons why hair would turn grey or is grey.


Grey hair could have genetics as a cause so much so that even at an early age, the hair shows signs as if it has aged. Some in their teen or early 20’s are already with grey hair yet they look good wearing all sorts of hair ornaments. That said, it only means that grey hair should never be a reason to stop using things that make non-grey hair look attractive. All the more should a person with grey hair take advantage of hair fashion because the accessories could even stand out.


Hair follicles have pigment cells that produce melanin, a chemical that gives the hair its color. Pigmentation is the reason why the hair would turn grey and this normally happens to people who are growing older. The pigment cells start to decrease thus grey hair begin to show. As for the young ones who have grey hair, they only have genes to blame for it.  No, it is not that new hair shampoo you tried, not the perming lotion that was used recently. Stop trying to find a culprit.

Can it be prevented? Sadly, the answer is no. Also, it is not true that if you pluck the emerging strands of grey hair, their number will just increase. Whatever the reason for grey hair, it does not matter. The important thing is despite grey hair, there are many ways to make it look stunningly beautiful.

You can tie it in a bun and use dark hair accessories to accentuate it. The dark color of the accessory will certainly stand out, creating a statement on its own. You may also want to try putting on a wide head band and see how attractive your grey hair becomes.

Grey hair is going to be part of each and every one’s life, one time or another. Despite it, be proud to wear it and take care of it just as you would when your hair was still young and dark. Shampoo it, use conditioners, comb it, and tie it – whatever. Just continue making it look attractive because there is nothing wrong with a crowning glory that is grey.

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