Hair Accessories for Different Life Stages

People from all ages use hair accessories for a variety of purposes—to protect their hair, to complete their outfit, and to make their look more stylish and attractive. True enough—that’s why today,a wide range of hair accessories is available for different life stages. Yes, from infants to adults, you sure can find a wide selection of hair accessories that covers varying needs.

Infants and Toddlers 

Babies and toddlers often have little hair, and in some cases infants are even born without it. And so, what mothers do is that they use hair accessories to at least cover their head and give them a stylish look. But since infants and toddlers usually have short or thin hair, choosing the right hair accessories to use is very important. Some of the best accessories for this age group are hair bows, cloth headbands, and snap clips. Hair bows with flower designs are perfect to pair with infant’s and toddler’s dresses, while cloth headbands can be worn with both formal dresses and casual clothing.

Pre-school and School Age Children

Kids from this age group usually have longer and thicker hair; thus, they have wider choices when it comes to hair accessories. From alligator and snap clips to pony holders and toothed headbands, their hair will sure look more manageable and stylish even when they’re outdoors doing various activities like playing sports and exercising.

Teens and Young Adults

As children grow older, they become more conscious about their looks; thus, at this stage, they use hair accessories more often than the usual. As a matter of fact, some teens and young adults even have a collection of these items, so it’ll be a lot easier for them to mix and match these accessories to their outfit. What they usually collect are headbands of all sorts, scarves, pins and clips, hats, pony holders, and even bandanas.

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