Hair Accessories for Shorter Hair

Short hair requires less time styling than longer locks. That’s why, some women prefer to have their hair cut short after enjoying longer hair for a couple of years. However, a few girls are quite hesitant about this thought because they think styling options are limited for short hair. True? Not quite, and definitely not these days! Because in reality, there are a number of hair accessories that can do the trick of styling short hair.  Read on to find out what are these.

  1. Hair clips–They’re widely used by women with short hair because they are not only effective at tucking away unwanted fringes but are also good at adding glamour to this simple hairstyle. These often come in different types, but the most effective are the snap clips and the barrettes.

Hair pins – These actually work like the hair clips—securing shorter hair from pulling back away from the face. But today, their purpose goes beyond this. They are now being sold as fashion accessories as well, complementing short hair with their grandiose splashes of color and glitz. Some options even have encrusted rhinestone, effectively turning any short hairstyle from simple to fab.

Headbands – Since short hair is quite difficult to pull back away from the face using clips or hair pinsalone, sometimes using a headband is a much better option. Your options for this accessory are many: headbands with multiple bands for added chic yet contemporary look, toothed headband for a stronger hold to your hair, cloth/fabric headband for sportier look, and plastic headband for stylish look yet easy on the budget. So, choose your pick.

Jewel combs – Just like the other hair accessories mentioned above, these combs are also worn for their functionality and beauty. They are designed not just to hold a woman’s short hair back from her face but also to add glamour and sophistication, especially those that are adorned with pearls, gems, and rhinestones.



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