Hair Clips Galore

People from all ages – babies, kids, teens, and even adults – use hair clips to accessorize their hair. There’s no wonder why these hair accessories continue to gain popularity and have become widely available in various designs, styles, and colors. Now, if you’re looking to buy some of these accessories, you might be dazzled with the many options in front of you. To help you trim down your list, first decide on which type of hair clip is best for your hair.


Snap – Also known as sleep snips, this type of hair clips are typically made from metal and are designed with a pointed oblong shape that lay flat against the scalp when it’s shut. Often used by kids and teens, this snap clip has to be bent backwards when opening it. Now, once it’s in place, another light bent is needed in order to shut it close.


Alligator – Or “gator” for short, is a pinch snip that is highlighted with a spring, allowing it to snip in order to lightly grip the hair. You can often see these alligator clips in salons because stylists prefer using them for gripping purposes. But apart from gripping the hair, this type of hair clip can also be used as a fashion accessory. In fact, many gator clips now are designed in such a way that they’ll look good even when paired with gowns and other elegant dresses.


Barrette – Or brooches as others call them. Typically, a barrette is an accessory that is either made of molded plastic that folds when it snaps together or metal that bents into a flat chip. Its main purpose is to hold the hair in place just like the alligator clip. But nowadays, it’s also widely used for children’s fashion since it comes in different colors and designs.

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