Hair Color Trends This Fall That Might Surprise You

Hair Color Trends For Fall That Might Surprise You Now that Fall is in full swing and our winter coats have been pulled out of storage, hair color is also changing with the season. Before you run out and make any drastic changes to your hair “true” hair color, you will want to read about trends this Fall. According to a recent article online at the Huffington Post by Luis Lucari, “deeper or darker regrowth is not longer objectionable; is now looks smart and deliberate. Does this mean root conscious women can save a lot more at the hair salon this Fall?

The trend this Fall is all for being true to your tresses and what better way to do that than let it all hang out. Does this look actually get respect? Some very blonde and well-known musicians have given in to their roots. Madonna and Blondie have both showed their “dark” side both on and off the stage. With their roots in full view, the folks at home didn’t know what to think about all of this. Was it just a trend hitting the music industry?

No. This trend also hit the fashion runway and when supermodel Gisele Bundchen showed more than just her assets. She was spotted with highlights not on her dark roots, but more on the peripheral of her golden locks. This was very beautiful on her, as it gave her a look of just being out in the sun. Outside of the fashion industry, Hollywood celebrities have also stayed close to their “roots”. Drew Berrymore was photographed on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar with her hair grown-out and untouched. The response has been tremendous, and several critics have considered these her most beautiful photos ever. The results for this “root” awakening is positive, however, does this work for all hair colors?

When it comes to roots, there is no grey area. People with grey roots are encouraged to color their roots a darker shade. According to Luis Licari, also known for his frequent visits on ‘The Today Show’ emphasizes that “if your hair is too grey, your roots can create the illusion of a wide part or hair loss”. While this does not sound flattering at all, there is a simple solution. Mr. Lucari recommends that a darker color be applied to the hair regrowth. With a darker color towards the roots and highlights at the tips, skin tones are all a glow. 

Have you ever grown out your roots? Now that you now that this is a Fall trend, will you grow out your roots?

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