Hair Coverings – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

turband-headbandWere you like me when you were younger and you got curious about what older women wear on their head? Did you also think they were part of some kind of costume? Well perhaps it’s true because there were days when the early Christians for example, would wear head coverings for some religious rituals. This is also the reason why Mennonite and Amish women (and even some men for that matter) donned hair coverings.


That was the time when women viewed their heads to be a part of something they had to honor and admittedly, that was an awesome tradition. If up until today, they still practice the same, that would be an awe of a tradition and perhaps to many people, it is a tradition that should never die. True enough, I learned that some Christian women are still steadfast in this practice from the 19th century to present. It must also be in that instance that women from the upper bracket of the society gradually shifted from using veils exclusively in churches to using other types of hair covers that eventually became accessories that included bonnets and later on, hats.


What women who followed in the trend thought perhaps was that they were merely continuing a fashion statement from the early days. But in truth, the hair or head covers started as part of religious practices.


Today, many women are so into hair and head fashion that they come up with all sorts of style and use a lot of different materials. In the old days, it was only soft, light fabric that was used as veils for religious hair coverings, today however, there are felt, leather, denim, cotton, etc.


With the tradition handed down from one generation to the next, I am pretty sure that in many years to come, the head coverings having evolved from a religious practice to becoming one of the most sought-after fashion statements will continue to be a part of many women’s lives. After all, you can wear the most expensive dress, shirt and jeans, or other kinds of outfit and perhaps feel okay but you cannot deny it that you feel more complete when wearing something on your head. That something on the head requirement may also have paved the way for other kinds of hair fashion statements that we now enjoy today. Needless to say, I am glad that women started a very good tradition in the past that I am sure will continue in many days to come.


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