Hair Relax Versus Hair Rebonding

5e141738They always say that humans are not contented with the way they look. If they got straight hair, they want to curl it. If they got curly hair, they want to straighten it. It pretty sounds ironic, but that’s how humans are. For some time now, straight hair becomes the number one trend. People with straight hair want to further straighten their way and so as people with curly hair.

Now, there are two ways to straighten the hair: hair relax and hair rebond. Do you want to know the difference between the two? Do you want to find out which one works best for your hair? Keep on reading below to find out.

What is hair relaxing?

Hair relaxing uses chemicals to make the hair straight by breaking down the hair components and reforming the components again. This hair straightening method does straighten the hair, but for a moment. After two to three months, the hair goes back to its original curl. However, you have to keep in mind that hair relaxing may irritate the scalp, especially if you leave it for too long. On the positive note, hair relax is cheap and will only take about an hour to complete. On the negative note, the process does not completely take the curls of the hair. There is also a possibility that your hair becomes brittle, especially if the relaxing is not done the right way.

What is hair rebonding?

Hair rebonding is popularly known as thermal reconditioning and Japanese straightening. It originated in Japan and became very popular in Asia. Hair rebonding is way better than hair relax. With rebonding, a perming solution is used, which breaks down the bonds of the hair. Hence, it is commonly known as hair rebonding. To reset the bonds of the hair, a flat iron is used. A lot of people opt for hair rebonding because the result can last for several months or even years as long as you take good care of your hair. The result is very beautiful and the straightness of your hair looks natural.

However, there are downfalls of rebonding the hair. It will take around four to five hours to complete the procedure. The cost can be very expensive, especially to people who are on a tight budget. The price ranges between $400 to $1,000. If your hair just undergone rebonding, then you should stay away from other major hair treatments as they can damage your hair. You cannot even curl your hair. You should also do your part is maintaining the straightness of your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for rebonded hair.

It is easy to come up with a decision to straighten the hair because straight hair never goes out of season. However, you need to come up with the best method of straightening the hair. If you got the money and time, then you should opt for hair rebonding. It is more effective and less damaging to the hair. The result lasts for a long time, especially if you take good care of it.

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