Hair Rollers – Get Redefined Curls

If you want to get redefined curls yet you don’t want to use hair curling irons, you can always go back to basic—and that is by using hair rollers. That’s right, many women today still use these hair accessories, as they are still very effective at redefining curls. So, what types of curls do you have in mind? Are you thinking about getting rounder, bouncier curls? Or are you more inclined towards getting spiral curls? Whatever you choose from these two, hair rollers will sure give you the redefined curls that you want.

Hair rollers for rounder, bouncier curls

For sure, at one point, you have wished you had large, full S-shaped curls that bounce with your every step. Wish no more because it’s a lot easier than you think to achieve those curls. Simply set your hair in jumbo satin-covered foam rollers. To start, you can actually use hair mousse, anti-freeze serum, or setting lotion while rolling the hair up to half an inch from your scalp. Do this until all strands are rolled up. Now leave the rollers on overnight. Note: to ensure those rollers stay in place, use hair clips.

If, however, you are in a hurry to get these curls done, you can use larger rollers and sit under a dryer for one to two hours. Once done, make sure to bend over and shake the curls loose when you release the rollers. Also, never use a comb or brush because this will create frizz.

Hair rollers for spiral curls

If it’s cute spiral curls that you’re after, you can always make use of hair rollers. You can actually use them either for fry or wet hair. If your hair is wet, simply apply a styling product, and then slip your hair inside these rollers. Leave the rollers on overnight, or if you want instant curls, go and sit under a hooded dryer in just one to two hours.

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