Hair sticks: Art in Fashion

Fashion-aesthetic-handmade-wedding-accessories-small-hair-stick-bride-rhinestone-pearl-gold-flower-hair-accessory-hairHair styling has been a way of life for almost all women today. If you know how to style your hair, then you know exactly how to improve your look. Hairstyling is a form of self-expression, but in reality your religion and culture has something to do with your way of styling your hair. Hair bun styles have become a favorite for many Asian countries. One of the popular hair buns is the Chinese bun, Japanese bun, and ballet bun. Loose bun is also one of the favorites. There are many hair accessories that can be incorporated with hair bun and one of which is a hair stick.

What are hair sticks?

Hair sticks are a type of hair accessory made from different materials such as wood, silver, gold, ivory, and special types of metals. They originated in Egypt, Rome, Japanese, and Greece, but have become very popular across the globe. Today, hair sticks remain popular in China and Japan as well as some parts of Asia. In Japan, a hair stick named Kanzashi is very popular. It is the hair stick worn by Japanese Geisha. If you look at Geisha, it is very traditional, but surprisingly hair sticks are very famous even in the modern generation. If you have a long hair, then you can benefit a lot from using hair sticks. If you have a medium length hair or short hair, you need to think of ways to add volume to your hair.

Using hair sticks in hairstyling

As mentioned above, one of the traditional ways of using hair sticks is through a Geisha hairdo. You need two things in coming up with this type of hairstyle and these are the hair sticks and styling cream. Apply a styling cream in your hair, slightly tease the hair using a styling comb so as to add volume, and pulled into a ponytail. Secure the hair in place using bobby pins. You will need a chignon foundation because you will use it in wrapping and tucking small sections of the hair. After that, you have to crisscross the hair sticks through the chignon foundation. Basically, that’s how you do a Japanese Geisha hairstyle.

Chinese bun using hair sticks

For a Chinese bun hairstyle, you can achieve this by partitioning the sections of the hair and roll the hair over the hair stick. You will need a chignon foundation because you are going to tuck the hair stick in it. The defining characteristic of a Chinese hair stick is its ornamental details.

There are many different types of hair sticks such as the traditional and moderns ones. It is really up to you which one you highly prefer. Choose a hair stick that perfectly matches your styling needs because by simply doing so you will be able to highlight your beauty. Hair accessories are created to further emphasize the beauty of your hair as well as express your personality. Therefore, you have to choose a hair accessory that speaks out your inner beauty and charm.

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