Hairstyles From The Miss America Pageant 2011

Hairstyles From The Miss America Pageant 2011Nebraska was known for a lot more than just Kool-Aid and corn on Saturday,  January 15th. That evening, Ms. Teresa Scanlan was crowned the winner of the 2011 Miss America Pageant. There were a lot of beautiful, smart, and talented women in the competition. There was something that was not so different in the competition and that was hairstyles. Most of the contestants wore their tresses long, straight, and parted to the side. This would have been a very boring compeititon if it weren’t for the differences in hair color and skin tone. However, there were a 5 hairstyles that I thought should receive recognition for 5 very different reasons.

No hair. Yes, there was a contestant with no hair at all to work with. Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell, has alopecia areata, a disease that causes her hair to fall out. I admire how she wore a wig that looked just as beautifu. Miss Delaware even came out on stage without a wig at all. She is an excellent role model for the thousands of young women suffering from this disease.

Dark roots. I love how Miss Teresa Scanlan let her true colors show. A blond by choice, she did not touch up her dark roots for the world to see. According to Luis Licari, this will be a big hair color trend in 2011.

Brunettes looking beautiful. Brooke Burke looked stunning in her long, dark tresses, parted to the side. The thick, long curls complimented her beautiful face and eye color. One of the finalists, Ms. Djuan Keila Trent from Kentucky, looked gorgeous in her slicked back bun of dark hair.

Short and unique.This was not a hairstyle of many from this year’s Miss America Pageant. In fact, Miss Claire Buffie from New York wore her short hairstyle like a true New Yorker. Not afraid to have her own look, she looked elegant and exceptional.

Did you watch the Miss America Pageant this year? Do you think that a creative hairstyle competition should be included next year?

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