Hairstyling hacks everybody should know

f342e52fa70c82fd6a0ffa7a8831b1dcff559c93A lot of us think that hairstyling is only for the experts. The truth is that it does not have to be that way. Hairstyling is for everyone. You just need to know some of the best hairstyling hacks. What are these? Keep on reading below.

Boho waves/beach waves

Everybody wants to achieve that beach waves. Who doesn’t anyway? Looking at that kind of waves, you probably can tell that it is difficult to achieve that kind of waves, but in reality it is not. For that stunning beach wave, all you need to do is to braid your hair into at least three braids and let a flat iron go over it for a few times. Release the braid and there you go! You can now enjoy boho waves!

Keeping the curls intact

If your hair is curly and you would want to make sure that your curl remains heathy and free from frizz, then you should form your hair into a few baby buns when sleeping at night. By simply doing so, you will be able to keep the curls intact.

Secret to quick curls

Do you want to curl your hair but don’t have the luxury of time? Do not worry! You can just curls in a minute. To do so, put your hair in a very high pony tail and split it into five sections. Gently curl each section, remove the pony, and presto!

Volume pony tail

If you have fine hair and you would want to style your hair in a way that it would look like a full volume pony tail, then all you need to do is to pull the half of your hair into a ponytail. The other half should be set into a pony tail two. In other words, you will have two ponytail, but the above ponytail is the only visible to the human eye.

Making curl lasts longer

If you want your curl to last longer, then you can do so by starting to curl the hair at the middle of the hair instead of starting at the ends.

Getting rid of frizzy hair

Does your hair frizz? If yes, then get rid of it by pressing it gently with a towel. That way, excess water will be thoroughly removed without damaging the hair. Do not ever rub your hair with a towel. I assure you it will damage your hair.

Say goodbye to fly away

Are you sick and tired of fly away hair? If yes, then don’t be because it can easily be corrected using your very own toothbrush. Using your hairspray, spray a bit into your toothbrush and gently comb your hair using the toothbrush. Pay particular attention in the fly away hair and you will be surely amazed of the result.

Keeping your comb and hair brushes clean

Keeping your styling tools clean is a must, especially the comb and brush. Make sure you remove the hair from the brush and clean the brush using warm running water. Clean the bristles using a shampoo. You can also use hand soap to cleanse the brush. Rinse and place it on the towel and wait to dry.

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