Halloween Ideas Your Kids Will Love

The Halloween section in popular stores like Target are swarming with kids this week. With Halloween just around the corner, children are having their pick of Halloween costumes this year. Whether it is their favorite Disney Pixar character or animal, these costumes can be found almost everywhere. The other good news is that they can made from home as well.

Movie Characters.Little girls are excited to dress-up as their favorite Disney Princess this year. From Cinderella to Tiana, these costumes are fun and easy. Top it off with a pretty tiara and your little princess will have a ball. The boys will flip over the costumes from popular movies like Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear will take them to infinity and beyond! More popular movie characters include Spiderman, Mario Brothers, and the Smurfs.

Animal fun. Kids love animals and this year cats are very popular amongst the girls. It is always fun to add whiskers and a black nose with a black eyeliner. Tigers and gorillas are popular amongst the boys. This is always a fun choice because boys love an excuse to make some noise. They will have a roarin’ good time!

Double the fun. If you’ve got a pair of twins or your daughter/son wants to dress-up with their best friend, try some of these fun ideas. These are ideas that you can make from your own home. For example, a salt and pepper shaker. Get everyone involved in washable paints and decorate poster board in black and white. Add some cotton balls on the outside of the salt and some spray-painted black cotton balls for the pepper. Other pair ideas this year include the sun and moon, hot and cold, and even a pair of sneakers.

What costumes do you like for kids this year? Will you be making your own at home or buying one at the store?

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