Headscarves to Accessorize During Chemotherapy

The most seen side effect of chemotherapy on cancer patients is their loss of hair. Some may find it embarrassing to go bald while undergoing the treatment but with scarves, it is still quite possible to accessorize the balding head.

There are many ways to wear a scarf as head accessory during chemotherapy period and among the common ones is the cloth wrapped around the head like a turban. You may choose to have the ends tucked inside the cloth or simply let down over the shoulders or on just one side. A scarf may also be worn like a typical head wrap, securely woven around the head but with artistically done folds here and there. This works well with striped scarves in different colors. Another good way to accessorize the head is by using an all-white scarf then attaching a dainty flower brooch on one side or where the ends meet to secure the knot.

For a more stylish appearance, a silk scarf in loud colors may be used. Wear it bandana style across the forehead but have the ends meet behind an ear, tie in a secure knot and let the rest of the ends flowing freely down. For a total look, put on a pair of stylish sunglasses and you are more than fabulous. You may choose to put variation on the scarf by tying the ends under the chin instead of behind the ear for that Jackie O look.

What gives the scarf its overall look and beauty when used as head cover for patients undergoing chemotherapy is the choice of designs and colors. In short, paying attention to these details is important. For instance, the plain white scarf can work well with patients who have deep set of dark eyes while a brightly colored head scarf calls for more attention that the wearer is a fashionista. Top this accessory with a beautifully done makeup to emphasize pretty lips or those doe eyes and the total look is as compelling as that of a cover girl. If you really want to make head turn, try having a custom-made head scarf that matches the print or color of a particular dress. This ensemble is perfect during warm months.

Choosing the material, design and color of the scarf has to be given consideration because remember that after the treatment sessions, the scarves may still be used. The hair will surely grow back and there will be more opportunities to wear the scarves in many other ways. During chemotherapy days, well-chosen scarves can help alleviate a patient’s gloomy mood so that they can continue to be attractive yet the purpose of the fashion accessory does not end there but can continue well after therapy.


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