Hot Hair Accessories That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Hot Hair Accessories That Will Keep You Cool This SummerSpring Break may be upon us, but the next big vacation on my mind is summer. The weather situation around the world has been anything but pleasant. The thought of nice day at the beach with calm waves and smooth sand is on all of our minds. We will get there soon enough, but first, here are some hot accessories to keep you cool and calm at the beach this summer.

SPF. Don’t leave home without it applying sun protection on your face and body. This is very important start to your day. It will protect you against skin cancer and permature aging. As always, don’t over expose yourself in the sun. With the following hats and accessories, you wouldn’t dare!!

Straw hats. There is nothing better than feeling cool and looking cool in a straw hat. This summer, you can find an array of styles that go wide and some that go small. The colors this year are fun, ranging from hot pink to basic beige. Color combinations are fun and fancy free!

Floppy hats. These are great and making a big splash this spring and spreading into summer. Catherine-Zeta Jones was just seen in London with a fantastic wide brim hat. I think there will be a sea of these pouring into the Royal Wedding next month!

Baseball hats. This is still a great way to look cool, and feel even cooler in the summer heat. Be true to your school or favorite home team and wear a hat with a logo on it. You can also share you love of you favoite charity and possibly encourage others to give to them as well.

The sun glass hunt. This is one of the most important items in your wardrobe. They protect your eyes from bad UV rays. Another personal benefit about sunglasses? They can conceal very tired eyes from the crowd. Whether you like small square lenses, or large oval lenses, you can always find a pair that will suit your outlook on life.

Scarves. I just love this accessory. Wear it around your neck, or long and flowing. Use it as a wrap around your bathing suit, or wear it on your head. The colors this year are bright and colorful, but you can always find one that you love. There are just so many options.

What is your “must have” hair accessory this summer? Have you already found some new ones that you love?

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