How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling This Holiday Season

The number of people that travel during the winter holidays are tremendous. This even with a down economy, TSA scans, and bed bugs. There are some things that just can’t be avoided, but bed bugs can be one of them. Here are some tips so that when you travel with your family in the next couple of weeks, you don’t bring any extra and unwanted baggage roundtrip.

Do your homework. It may be vacation time, but finding out if your end destination has been infested with bed bugs is critical. Call the hotel before you leave town to see if they have had the critters. There are also resources online, including You can put in the hotel and see if any incidents had been reported.

Check your surroundings. If no reports of bed bugs had been reported, still proceed with caution. They love to cling to the seams and corners of dark surfaces. Before you step in the room, keep your luggage off the ground and on a surface. Do not use the bed as a surface. Do not even use the stand that most hotels have. The best thing to do is keep your luggage in the bathroom. Before you make yourself comfortable at your temporary home away from home, check out the headboard, side table, and bed entirely. Bed bugs could even linger behind a painting on the wall. What are you looking for? 1 to 7 centimetters of a red oval bug. Another indicator that they are alive and well is that there will be little red blood spots on the sheets.

Proceed wth caution. When in doubt, one can either invest in new luggage (the non-fabric kind) or put a large plastic bag around their luggage when in transit. Bed bugs do not like smooth surfaces!

Does the increase in bed bugs put a damper on your travel plans?

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