How to make hair extension lasts?

human-hair-easy-to-put-inHair extensions are designed to give you a longer and fuller hair. Who doesn’t want a fuller and longer hair? Of course, every woman wants to have long hair so that they can style their hair to any styles they want to. However, hair extensions are not a cheap thing. As a matter of fact, they can be very expensive. So, if you got a hair extension, then you have to know the secrets to lengthen the lifespan of your hair extension.

Be gentle with your hair extension

You should never forget the fact that hair extension is not your real hair. In fact, it is more sensitive and delicate than your real hair. So, you literally need to be gentle on your hair. When brushing it, you should use soft bristle brush and you should start brushing from the bottom going your way up.

Hair sleeping habit

When we sleep, chances are the hair is being crumpled. When you wake up the following morning, you will have loads of tangles in your hair. To avoid this thing from happening, some women prefer to tie their hair when sleeping at night. Others prefer to wrap their hair in a shower cap.

Be very careful when using haircare products

If you are fond of using hair care products, then it’s time for you to limit their use, especially the ones containing alcohol and silicon. These ingredients can damage the hair extension as well as your natural/real hair. It is best to use hair care products specially designed for hair extension. Organic products are also safe to use. Make it a habit to deeply condition your hair at least once a week. If you are fond of using hairstyling tools like iron and blower, then do not forget to use heat protectant.

There are other factors that could greatly affect the lifespan of your hair extension. For an instance, you have to consider how your hair extension is added to your hair. Was it glued? Was it clipped? These factors do really matter. Glued-in hair extension can last for a few weeks, but keep in mind that the glue material may cause damage to your scalp and tresses. Those with woven or braided hair extensions can last for several months.

There are different kinds of hair extensions and each of them requires a different after care methods/procedures. You should strictly follow the after-care method so that you will be able to keep your hair in its best condition. Although you religiously follow the after-care procedure, still it is best to set an appointment with your hairdresser. Do this every two months so that your hairdresser can do the necessary touch ups. The hairdresser will thoroughly assess the condition of your extension and will perform preventive maintenance when deem necessary.

Hair extensions are a good thing. They can transform your look instantly, but for them to last long you should give them the proper care and maintenance they need. Hair extensions aren’t cheap and so it is just right to give your 100% when taking care of it.

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