How To Prevent Lice This Holiday Season

This is the season of giving. There are charitable ways to give online and offline. Nevertheless, there is one gift families do not want to give, or receive, this holiday season. That gift is LICE. This is a very stressful topic! There are ways to prevent these nits from getting in the way of your fun this holiday season. While investigating this topic online, these prevention tips from The Lice Treatment Center has some great prevention tips.

Keep your own hat on. It is so much fun to see all the beautiful hats out on display at Macy’s. That is where they should stay when there is an epidemic of lice. This also includes the sharing of personal items that contact the head, including combs, brushes, scarves, sporting helmets, hair ties, and head bands, etc.

Close encounters. When some kids play, they may not yet be aware of spacial boundaries. When lice is in the air (and on the scalp) stop head-to-head contact. Encourage kids to sit in a circle (easier said than done) until the coast is clear!

When in doubt. If notes have been coming home from school about the lice invasion, try to keep kids in question from lounging on the furniture and laying on throw pillows. Even though there is no real proof that lice can be transmitted this way, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hairstyles. Boys are not exempt, but at least short hair is not as easy to target. For girls with long hair, try putting the hair in a tight ponytail.

Do your homework. Other ways to prevent head lice starts at home. Use a a daily shampoo for head lice prevention, conditioner, leave-in tonic with around the clock prevention, and a fabric spray that works to keep hats, jackets and backpacks lice-free. There are products available that are all natural, organic, and non-toxic.

How do you prevent lice from entering your home? Have you tried any of these prevention tips? Did they work for you?

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