Joanna Pacitti’s Easy Girly Look with a Leopard Print Headband

LFI_CATCH_AND_RELEASE_09It has been proven time and again that sometimes bad things happen in order for the good to come out of it and this is what seemed to have happened to Joanna Pacitti. For a girl of 12, who, after winning a contest that was supposed to give her the opportunity to join the cast of musical Annie’s revival, she was terminated even before the show commenced on Broadway. It must have been a big blow for a little girl but the incident could have been a blessing in disguise for her, thanks to her very supportive dad who moved heaven and earth to elicit opportunities out of what happened. True enough, for all its worth, publicity was bestowed upon her left and right and she became a household name. Reportedly, she and her father agreed to an out-of-court settlement for an undisclosed amount.

Controversy, however, is yet to be on her trail again because after passing American Idol’s 8th season audition in Louisville, Kentucky, issues about her being no longer an amateur hounded her. It could be that she is too good to be joining an amateur singing contest and that people were threatened by her presence. But perhaps when you got the “X factor”, contest or no contest, opportunities will come knocking on your door. And so this girl who looked so impishly girly in a leopard print headband when she attended the Catch and Release premiere more than a couple of years back was still able to curve a name in show business.


It is not as if she was having a bad hair day during the said premiere when she opted to adorn her hair with a headband. She must have wanted to keep it simple because after all, that is the beauty of using such head piece, no frills, no difficulties, just a quick hair fashion accessory if you are after something simple but chic. You can use the same kinds of pretty hair fashion pieces by taking your pick from choices of headbands available and achieve the same girly look while keeping your hair neat and away from your face in an instant.

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