Oscar Worthy Hairstyles From the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Oscar Worthy HairstylesThere is nothing like eonline.com when celebrities walk the red carpet. This was especially exciting before the 83rd Annual Academy Awards last Sunday afternoon. This year, fashion choices and celebrity hairstyles for women gave viewers online much to “tweet” about. If you weren’t able to tune-in last Sunday evening, I have compiled a list of Oscar worthy hairstyle that had everybody looking like a winner.

Up do on the up and up. Even though Melissa Leo dropped the F-bomb at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards last Sunday evening, her hair was on the up and up. She looked young and fresh in her tousled up do, which showed-off her desinger collar. A sleek and tighter up do hairstyle was worn by Hillary Swank, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon.

Sleek and lean. Jennifer Hudson has blossomed before our eyes. She looked fantastic and showed off her success with well-known weight loss program Weight Watchers. Her tangerine orange form fitting dress. Her skin tone and eyes were on and her smile, va va voom. I just loved her up do with waves on top. In back she had a long black pony tail.

Long and natural. Natalie Portman. Another actress all a glow last Sunday evening. Her choice of dress was stunning in plum and her baby bump a delight!! Her hairstyle kept her cool, off to the side with long tassle earrings. More stars with natural and shag like hairstyles included Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johannson.

Short and sweet. Looking beautiful in short hairstyles this year was in-style. Halle berry looked just incredible in her pixie hairstyle and eye popping make-up. Her dark tresses fit so nicely with her choice of gown in beige. Michelle Williams, in contrast to Halle’s dark hair color, was blonde and beautiful. Michelle also sported short tresses parted to the side. However, I do wish that Michelle chose a red dress as opposed to the one she wore in beige.

Sleek and center. Gwyneth Paltrow had her blonde tresses sleek and straight with a part down the middle. Also keeping things straight and down the middle was Camila Alvez. Camila took the back of her hairstyle up a notch and wore it in a lose bun. Even with frizzy black hair, she is absolutely stunning.

What hairstyles from the Oscars did you love? What hairstyle would you mostly likely to wear?

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