Popular types of artificial hair extensions

An-Analysis-Of-Budget-For-Artificial-Hair-ExtensionHair extensions are created to lengthen the length of the hair. They can be made from real hair or synthetic ones. Those made from real hair are expensive than the synthetic ones. If you are on a tight budget, then a synthetic hair extension is the best option. Artificial hair can be glued, clipped, or woven to natural hair. There are many choices for hair extensions. They vary in terms of color, sizes, shapes, and styles. At the end of the day, you got to choose the one that perfectly meets your preference, style, and needs.

Remember that your primary goal why you opt for hair extension is to make your longer and bigger than usual. Hair extensions look like real hair and once you have it other people won’t be able to notice it. Hair extension is the primary reason why you see Hollywood celebrities constantly change their hairstyle depending on the roles they portray. Do you want to know the different kinds of hair extension? If yes, then keep on reading below.

  • Hair weaving – In this process of attaching the hair extension, the hairstylist weaves threads into the hair section per section so that the weave will not be visible to the human eye. Afterwards, the hair extension is attached to the base using threads.
  • Bonding – As the name suggests, in order for you to attach the hair extension, you will need a chemical that will bond the hair into the scalp. Typically, the hairstylist will use a special glue to securely attach the hair strands to the scalp. The bonding agent is carefully chosen to make sure that the scalp and the surrounding natural hair will not be damaged during the process. If you opted for a hair extension through bonding, then do not hesitate to ask all important questions.
  • Clip – many artificial hair extensions are done using this method. Not only that it is the easiest method, but it is also the most affordable one. If you want to update your clip on hair extension regularly, then you also need to regularly visit your hairstylist. As the name suggests, the synthetic hair is clipped to your natural hair. The hairstylist should carefully select the color and texture of the synthetic hair extension to make sure that it perfectly matches your natural hair.
  • Modern method – To make the experience worthwhile for both the hairstylist and the client, there is now a modern way of attaching synthetic hair extension to your hair and this is the form of a glue-free hair extension. The hairstylist will use a micro cylinder to attach the hair extension. Although the process may take some time, the best part is that you are guaranteed that the procedure is safe.

If you find your hair too boring and plain, then why not consider having artificial hair extension? There are a lot of available choices and so you can easily choose one that perfectly matches your style, preference, and most importantly your budget.

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