Sings from Heaven in Her Angel Costume

65906686-mariah-careyIf anything, the girl whose name was derived from the song They Call the Wind Maria and who could sing with a spectacular voice range that can span five octaves, must have been heaven-sent; an angel sent from above to sing for people on earth. Her songs Emotions, Dream Lover, Anytime You Need a Friend are just samples of compositions especially created for Mariah so she can showcase her register range. The costume she wore in this photograph is a perfect depiction of her being an angel and singing angel-like.

She must really like winged creatures because Mariah Carey is fond of butterflies too. She is famous for labeling almost anything about her with butterflies: albums, photographs, clothes and even some of her music videos were shot with butterflies fluttering around. In this photograph, she may not be dressed as a butterfly but she donned an angel costume, something that represents wings – wings that helped this great singer soar to great, great heights in her career as a singer.

Costumes are popular wear in many different events such as Halloween. Apparently, even celebrities don them too. They could probably have several pieces lurking in their closets because when the occasion calls for it, it can really be fun wearing costumes. And all the better the costumes become more fun when you see famous stars wear them and seeing them wear different kinds of costumes can give you an idea should you need an inspiration about a costume requirement. Haircoverings understands that the need for costumes would come up every now and then that is why a great selection of different styles and colors are also offered. And if you feel inspired enough by Mariah’s angelic outfit that you want an angel costume for yourself, look no farther for you can find one at Of course you don’t need to sing like another angel sent to pleasingly sing for humankind like Mariah, but you can have fun wearing the costume.

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