Some Wide Ideas About The Sombrero

I love learning about the origins of hats from around the world. Most recently, my hat finding mission took me to Mexico. I am already a huge fan of Mexican food and a table-side seranade by a Mariachi band. I have always appreciated their bright and decorative costumes, sombrero to boot! In fact, the sombrero,has some fantastic facts behind its origin. Her are 3 that I found most via my journey south of the border.

The name says it all. There is no better way to name a hat than for its function. According to the Spanish sombrero started out as a flat crown and wide flat brim. This type of hat was also referred to as the Poblano, which originated in Spain. Once this wide-brimmed wonder hit Mexico, it took on many new looks. In fact, some sombreros were so full of design and decoration that they were not permitted for work on the ranch.

Can it beat the heat? Wide-brimmed hats have been seen by those riding horses since the Mongolian Horsemen of the13th Century. While riding a horse is cool, riding a horse in a very hot and sunny area of the country is not. The cowboys took this concept of being cool in the heat and created the cowboy hat years later.

Hats of many textures and colors. The sombrero is has so much design to it. Some of these designs include woven patterns and decorations. Today, sombreros are not so popular as day to day hat choices. However, when it comes to certian festivities and traditional Mexican celebrations, the sombrero can be seen far and wide (literally). One of the most interesting facts about the sombrero is that it can be found in places of Philippine history. During the Manila Galleon Trade, there was an influx of Mexican people to the region. As a result, the word sombrero has been infused into the language of the Philippine people. Whether a somberro or a baseball hat, “sumbrero” in Tagalog is the official world for “hat”.

Have you seen a sombrero lately? Do you think it should be worn on more than just Mexican celebrations?

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