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Hair Coverings – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


turband-headbandWere you like me when you were younger and you got curious about what older women wear on their head? Did you also think they were part of some kind of costume? Well perhaps it’s true because there were days when the early Christians for example, would wear head coverings for some religious rituals. This is also the reason why Mennonite and Amish women (and even some men for that matter) donned hair coverings.


That was the time when women viewed their heads to be a part of …

Bringing Back the ‘80s Groove with Some Fancy Banana Clips


banana hair clip 2The 1980s was best known as the decade that saw the birth of the modern Internet, Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers, and MTVs (with Madonna and Michael Jackson leading the way). In fashion world, it was the era of Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers, ‘Big hairstyle’, and the re-emerging trend of wearing fashionable banana hair clip.

This trendy hair accessory got its name from its banana-like shape that allows the wearer to easily pull back hair from both …

Get that Perfect 80s Look with Black Banana Clip


Oh, how can I ever forget the 80s retro-themed party that we hosted last year? It was such a blast! Everyone had a grand time and had so much fun wearing elegant 80s outfit and dancing and singing to various 80s tunes. And of course, all guests looked fabulously stylish because of the exciting 80s hair accessories and makeup that complete their overall getup. I, myself, was not left behind. Can you guess what hair accessory I was wearing that day? If you answered black banana clip, …

Banana Clips – Going Back to an Old Love


hair accessories- banana clipsThey say never go back to an old love because it’s just like reading a book over and over again, yet you already know how it ends. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way when it comes to hair accessories. As a matter of fact, accessories during the ’80s and even the ’90s are making a comeback, and many people embrace the thought of going back to their old love because they are just simply stylish and convenient to use. And some accessories …

Bananas on Your Hair?


Of course it is not the fruit that is being referred to by the title but the ever-fashionable hair accessory, the banana clips. This popular hair accessory became a trend in the 80s and continues to be used by many women to keep their hair neat and looking gorgeous at the same time.

This hair piece consists of two comb-like arrangement connected together at one end that allows it to open and close and is clipped shut on the other end. This concept may have originated from how …

Banana Clips – No Longer Just an 80s Affair


Gone are the days when people only think about the 80s whenever they hear the words “banana clips”. Because today, these hair accessories have become more popular than ever—they don’t just add that little something to take any girl’s feathered bangs and layered hair a little further but also keep her looking stylish and fashionable. That is why more and more designs, styles, and colors are made available for these accessories—providing teens, young adults, and adults alike wider options to choose from.

But what really is a banana …