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Head Coverings For Thick, Long and Dreadlocked Hair


images 1In the event that you’ve been favored with an exceptionally full head of hair, or you wear dreadlocks, the challenge of wearing it nicely is really tough.  Now is the time to talk it out since most posts are caring for your straight and shiny hair.


The more you need to cover, the more cover you might require. An average tichel might appear progressively like a bandana if there seems a mess to fit under it. Pashmina-style rectangles, snoods, or untied headbands are well on the way …

Hair Accessories for Different Life Stages


People from all ages use hair accessories for a variety of purposes—to protect their hair, to complete their outfit, and to make their look more stylish and attractive. True enough—that’s why today,a wide range of hair accessories is available for different life stages. Yes, from infants to adults, you sure can find a wide selection of hair accessories that covers varying needs.

Infants and Toddlers 

Babies and toddlers often have little hair, and in some cases infants are even born without it. And so, what mothers do is that …

Scarves to Wear the Right Way


Did you know that when you wear scarves in many different ways you create a new fashion look each time? You see a scarf is not only to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months but to look hip and stylish too when you choose the right material or fold, tie or wrap them the right way.

Typically wool scarves go well with sweatshirts made of the same material while cotton scarf  is a perfect match for a cotton blouse. However, it does not necessarily follow that …

New HairCoverings Blog!


My name is Debbie and welcome to my haircoverings blog. I’m doing what I love doing best- blogging for my business. In my store I sell many types of hair coverings and accessories to make you look the best you can. We have great products with excellent quality. The purpose of this blog is for us to communicate to the Hair Covering community. I would love to know your opinoins, ideas, and interests so we can impliment them and service you better. On this blog we will post sales, new arrivals, promotions, product ideas, videos …