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Top 3 Fashion Hair Accessories for Toddlers


From the cute smiling baby that she once was, now she’s a certified toddler—playful, active, and more than ready to mingle. Are you ready for her new wardrobe and accessories too? Yes, whether you like it or not, you’ve got to buy her new stuff because her old outfit and accessories no longer fit her. So go and tell your hubby because this is just the best excuse you have to splurge on toddler clothes and stuff. Finding new clothes for her won’t be much of a …

Do Season Changes Affect Your Hair


It is not unusual for hair to undergo some adjustments during season changes as the weather does affect your locks. Hairdos that work well during the summer may prove harder to sport during winter months. This is likely the reason why some choose to simply wear hats or beanies during this time. But the changes in season should never be a reason for your hair to look bleak as the weather which in turn may affect your mood.

With the right hair care product and proper hair treatment, …