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Bonnet : Easier and More Comfortable Head Covers


T1oMrQXiVjXXay.RDa_091849Bonnet was the most regularly utilized sort of cap around ladies throughout the early years of hair style, especially the 1800s. It was the kind that had straps that might be tied under the jaw so the hat safely sits on the head.


As ladies got to be more dynamic by the years, they got included in more thorough exercises and cap got improper. Cloche was acquainted with location ladies’ needs for outside action caps. With a shape that takes after a ringer, the cloche goes well actually …

Hair Accessories of the Early Times


The history of head wear goes a long way. It can be traced back to the middle ages in Europe when head pieces were more of a social status indication than mere decorative part of the head. Women of all ages were made to wear a head piece as part of having good manners and elegance too.

As time went by, more and more reasons for putting on a head wear came about; some as necessitated by a situation like …