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Creating Trend For Hair Accessories


Want to create your own fashion trend for hair accessories? Well it’s not that easy. Trying to gain supporters for particular style is not just having to compliment your look but also making them believe on it and actually trying to look the same way as you are(as by means of your hair style).


Choosing the right accessory

It is important to know the details of your accessories. Having to compliment it on your attire will achieve a great result on your look. Simple hair accessories like beeded headbands, …

Hair Accessories – What You Need to Know


During granny’s time, it takes a great deal of time and skills to set up a hair do just to go out of the house. You only find women put their hair down when they go to sleep. Otherwise, it is always fixed in a neat style or two to think that during those days, there were not so many hair pins and clips that women can use. Today however, hairdos can be easier with the abundance of hair accessories to choose from.

Why of course you will …

Banana Clips – No Longer Just an 80s Affair


Gone are the days when people only think about the 80s whenever they hear the words “banana clips”. Because today, these hair accessories have become more popular than ever—they don’t just add that little something to take any girl’s feathered bangs and layered hair a little further but also keep her looking stylish and fashionable. That is why more and more designs, styles, and colors are made available for these accessories—providing teens, young adults, and adults alike wider options to choose from.

But what really is a banana …