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Sings from Heaven in Her Angel Costume


65906686-mariah-careyIf anything, the girl whose name was derived from the song They Call the Wind Maria and who could sing with a spectacular voice range that can span five octaves, must have been heaven-sent; an angel sent from above to sing for people on earth. Her songs Emotions, Dream Lover, Anytime You Need a Friend are just samples of compositions especially created for Mariah so she can showcase her register range. The costume she wore in this photograph is a perfect depiction of her being an angel …

Halloween and Costume Wigs


We’re down to the second week of October and before we know it, Halloween is already here. And what better way to celebrate it than to host or attend a Halloween costume party. Now, are you up for it? Oh, you’ve got a costume already? That’s great! All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and let the days pass until the big day’s here. But wait? While waiting for the big day, why not add a really cool costume wig to your equally cool …

Halloween Ideas Your Kids Will Love


The Halloween section in popular stores like Target are swarming with kids this week. With Halloween just around the corner, children are having their pick of Halloween costumes this year. Whether it is their favorite Disney Pixar character or animal, these costumes can be found almost everywhere. The other good news is that they can made from home as well.