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Bringing Back the ‘80s Groove with Some Fancy Banana Clips


banana hair clip 2The 1980s was best known as the decade that saw the birth of the modern Internet, Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers, and MTVs (with Madonna and Michael Jackson leading the way). In fashion world, it was the era of Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers, ‘Big hairstyle’, and the re-emerging trend of wearing fashionable banana hair clip.

This trendy hair accessory got its name from its banana-like shape that allows the wearer to easily pull back hair from both …

Real Hair Extensions to Look Great


In the world of hair accessories, hair extensions have become a one of the most popular. As accessories, they help add length and fullness to an otherwise boring mane. Different materials are used to make hair extensions. Trendy too are different hair extension accessories like bird feathers, cloth strips and ceramic or wooden beads neatly arranged in nylon threads. Other hair accessory makers also use gems or colored stones to make an attractive arrangement.

Hair extensions made of real human hair are probably the most popular of all …

Hair Accessories – What You Need to Know


During granny’s time, it takes a great deal of time and skills to set up a hair do just to go out of the house. You only find women put their hair down when they go to sleep. Otherwise, it is always fixed in a neat style or two to think that during those days, there were not so many hair pins and clips that women can use. Today however, hairdos can be easier with the abundance of hair accessories to choose from.

Why of course you will …