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Gabrielle Union’s Union with a Wide-Brim Hat


gabrielleunionwidebrimmedhatThese days, it seems like more and more people wear hats. Are celebrities with a great sense for fashion to be blamed? Well, yes, no, maybe so but if you see them wear hats like it’s the most natural thing in the world and look good at the same time, why not, right? This is how Gabrielle Union looked like in this photo when she wore an all black ensemble. Picture the same photo without the hat on her head and it would not deliver the same chic …

Fashionable and More: Baby Hair Accessories


14-baby_hairstylesBaby hair accessories today are trendy mode fashionable . That is the reason, more mamas are utilizing these for their minimal one, and even go the extent that gathering them, so they have diverse mixtures to use, from crazy colors and cool, charming plans to essential shades and straightforward yet popular outlines. Yet what are these child hair accessories truly for?


Well one, hair embellishments for infants are for style. Yes, infants do need to be a la mode as well. From straightforward barrettes to exquisite bloom headbands, your …