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Get the Hair You Want with the Right Hair Products


It is not about having hair problems or simply the love of experimenting with hair styles and hair dos that make you look for the right hair products that suit your hair. It is a matter of necessity if you are to keep your hair looking great all the time. After all, it is your crowning glory.

Getting the hair that you want takes a lot of self-discipline and choosing the right hair care products. If you know that your hair lacks moisture, you ought to find out …

Where Did Snoods Come From


In the early days, snoods are worn by both men and women as they were back then commonly known as a head gear that covers the hair and extends all the way to the nape. It was a clothing material that is used on the head but there was a time when they were popularly made with nets. Hence in the United States, they are more popularly called hair nets than snoods.

Commonly known as a tubular neck scarf, it is regularly used by skiers and snowboarders. However, …

Flat Hair Irons and Hair Breakage


Girls love straight hair. So there’s no wonder why flat hair irons have become widely used hair-straightening tools today. However, some flat irons can damage the hair and cause hair breakage, and so it pays to find the right type of flat iron to use.

When choosing a flat iron, it sure helps to check the iron’s temperature levels. For those with thick hair, the one with high heat setting is recommended. This ensures more rapid and uniform heat transmission. …

Do Season Changes Affect Your Hair


It is not unusual for hair to undergo some adjustments during season changes as the weather does affect your locks. Hairdos that work well during the summer may prove harder to sport during winter months. This is likely the reason why some choose to simply wear hats or beanies during this time. But the changes in season should never be a reason for your hair to look bleak as the weather which in turn may affect your mood.

With the right hair care product and proper hair treatment, …

Stunning Hair Dos with Head Scarves


Simply having your hair done seems incomplete without hair accessories. This is simply because hair accessories add a touch of glamour to your hairstyle for that complete stunning looks. While we live in a fast-paced world, still, that is no reason to stay out of style when it comes to our hair. One of the very versatile and most popular hair accessories that are easy and quick to do is the hair scarf.

Berets – One of the Most Fashionable Hair Covers


With so many possibilities when it comes to staying in fashion, probably one of the most opted for is the hat. Among the different types of hats available such as caps, snoods, head scarves, turban, and many more, women’s berets belong to the most fashionable options. Of course we all know that a beret is that uniquely shaped hat in which a woman can keep her hair tucked inside for that cool neat look or simply let her hair down with the beret placed on top of her …

Easy 5 Steps to Take Care of Your Hair!


Step #1

Determine the difference between the types of products on the shelves. Most people know the basics (shampoo and conditioner), but you should also know what types of hair products are created to keep the hair style in place, including gels, mousse and hairspray, among others.

Step #2

Find your hair type. Do this on your own or with help from your stylist. Figure out if your hair is curly or straight, fine or coarse and oily …

Warm Up with Cozy Hats for the Cold Winter Day


Still sooooo cold. Warm up with this beautiful winter pull on hat. It is so cozy that you won’t take it off once you get indoors. Currently on sale for $17.99. Grab before its gone!

Hair Sticks- Keep That Summer Bun Tight!!!


We are now in the middle of the hot sticky summer. Whether you shopping or at the beach you want your hair off of your neck and face. Twisting your hair into a bun can be rather boring, however, slipping two hairsticks adds more to this cool hairstyle. Tassel Hair SticksHair sticks

Protecting your hair from the sun


Hanging out at the beach? Spending the day with your gardening tools? The sun can make your day….and wreck your hair. Being out in the sun will cause your hair to oxidize. The sun damages the hairshaft which causes it to not be able to hold the pigment.

So how do we keep our hair fresh without hiding indoors all day? Here are a couple of good pointers:

1) Where a headcovering that will cover your hair or the basic part that gets the suns rays s in the top of the head. Try …

New HairCoverings Blog!


My name is Debbie and welcome to my haircoverings blog. I’m doing what I love doing best- blogging for my business. In my store I sell many types of hair coverings and accessories to make you look the best you can. We have great products with excellent quality. The purpose of this blog is for us to communicate to the Hair Covering community. I would love to know your opinoins, ideas, and interests so we can impliment them and service you better. On this blog we will post sales, new arrivals, promotions, product ideas, videos …