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Sassy and Sexy with Silk Headbands


From practical pieces of cloth made to conquer sweats or keep the hair or face away from dirt and smoke, the headband has transformed into a fashion must-have especially silk headbands. Today, headbands are considered among the top fashion accessories in sports or in casual wear and are among the widely used girl essentials.

In sports, the headband is worn as protection against sweat and to keep the hair away from near the eye area. The materials used for such kind are those that easily absorb water so …

Shawls – Perfect for Autumn and Winter


A few more weeks to go and we’ll all be bidding goodbye to the autumn season and saying hello to snowy winter. But before we do that, we must ensure that we’re equipped with the right hair coverings for winter. Well, there are lots of hair accessories that we can actually look into such as winter hats and berets. But if you want something that you can use both for autumn and winter, then shawls are the highly recommended accessories for you. 

Three Types of Straw Hats


Often designed with brim and made of straw or reeds, this type of hat is very common in Asian countries. But did you know that there are three different straw hat types?

The Conical Asian Straw Hat

As mentioned above, this hat type is very typical in Asia, particularly the Southeast Asia. Its shape is similar to that of an upside-down cone and is secured by a strap tied right at the chin to keep it in place. Used mostly by …

Hats to Fit Through Size Reduction


Head gears have always had a huge following since time immemorial. From religious to practical uses, they have been around to serve different purposes. Felt hats, fedoras, bonnets, berets, funny hats – name it and you surely have seen it worn by many people, celebrity or ordinary.

Different designs, material and sizes have come and gone but the most popular fitted hat has always been in style.

Headbands -What Kind to Buy


If you want fast and easy way to accessorize, there is no need to look elsewhere in your closet or drawer. With hair pieces such as headbands, in an instant you are accessorized. But with so many headbands available in the market, you may want to know what kind or what type of headband may be the best to buy. Below are some suggestions:

Crochet Headband

Undeniably one the well-picked type of headband is crochet.

Periods of Time and Head Coverings


There is something unique about traditions when it comes to head coverings especially among women. Take a look at Amish or Mennonite women. But before we jump into any conclusion, it is best to understand that this head covering tradition among women of earlier times was an act of obedience.

The early Christians believed that when praying, an uncovered head is a disgrace. In that light, women continued wearing the head cover even when they are out in the community and among other people.