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Flat Hair Irons and Hair Breakage


Girls love straight hair. So there’s no wonder why flat hair irons have become widely used hair-straightening tools today. However, some flat irons can damage the hair and cause hair breakage, and so it pays to find the right type of flat iron to use.

When choosing a flat iron, it sure helps to check the iron’s temperature levels. For those with thick hair, the one with high heat setting is recommended. This ensures more rapid and uniform heat transmission. …

Hairstyles and Accessories from New York Fashion Week


New York city was all about fashion last week as runways outside of JFK were full during the Mercedes Benz Fashion week. From fashion bloggers to celebrity personalities, the fashion trends for Fall and Winter 2012 are all hot! In addition to the beautiful models and fashion designer debuts, hairstyles and hair accessories were one of the highlights (literally). Here are some of the hair accessories and styles that you will see in Fall and Winter 2012!