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Headscarves to Accessorize During Chemotherapy


The most seen side effect of chemotherapy on cancer patients is their loss of hair. Some may find it embarrassing to go bald while undergoing the treatment but with scarves, it is still quite possible to accessorize the balding head.

There are many ways to wear a scarf as head accessory during chemotherapy period and among the common ones is the cloth wrapped around the head like a turban. You may choose to have the ends tucked inside the cloth or simply let down over the shoulders or …

Hats to Fit Through Size Reduction


Head gears have always had a huge following since time immemorial. From religious to practical uses, they have been around to serve different purposes. Felt hats, fedoras, bonnets, berets, funny hats – name it and you surely have seen it worn by many people, celebrity or ordinary.

Different designs, material and sizes have come and gone but the most popular fitted hat has always been in style.

Bring On that Big Grin with Kids’ Hats


Getting some accessories is to make you look more appealing, attractive and glamorous, right? Well, yes in a way but not always. You see, there are times when you need to buy your kids some accessories too for fun activities that they enjoy with other kids. Give them the right head wear whether for protection or as head accessories and surely you can’t smile the silly kiddy grins off their faces.

Getting the right accessories for your kids is easy …