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Joanna Pacitti’s Easy Girly Look with a Leopard Print Headband


LFI_CATCH_AND_RELEASE_09It has been proven time and again that sometimes bad things happen in order for the good to come out of it and this is what seemed to have happened to Joanna Pacitti. For a girl of 12, who, after winning a contest that was supposed to give her the opportunity to join the cast of musical Annie’s revival, she was terminated even before the show commenced on Broadway. It must have been a big blow for a little girl but the incident could have been a …

Must Have Hair Accessories for Summer


images (2)Maybe in whatever progress, hair accessories  have dependably turned into a real piece of decorations for both men and ladies. It is a certainty that hair extras date from many years back when adornments and different sorts of embellishments were utilized to enrich the hair amid unique events, functions like weddings and different religious customs.

So on the off chance that you think you can stay as straightforward as an unremarkable person and you have no requirement for hair embellishments, you certainly got everything not right. Alternately perhaps …

Jazz up Your Hair with Headbands


download (6)Among ladies who affection dolling their hair up, one extremely prevalent speedy fix hair frill is the headband. Headbands are made of various types of materials, fabrics, plans and colors that settle on them an exceptionally alluring decision among ladies and young ladies of distinctive ages. There are plain headbands and there are additionally headbands with tail that go the distance, wrapped around the head for included adorableness and style.

There are different ways a headband is styled. Some accompany sequins in them; others are with a …

How Not to Wear Your Headbands?


headbandsHeadbands today are used not just to keep hair away from the face or eyes but also for fashion. True, fashion headbands have become a necessary addition to women’s wardrobes. In fact, a lot of woman use these accessories to make their look more striking rather than just styling their hair. Whether for casual wear or for formal attire, headbands have really become a recent craze in the fashion accessory. However, there are some things to note when wearing your headbands. Here are some instances on where …

The Basics of Head Coverings


MG_9353 (1)To the extent that as it is to have a headcovering or hair assistant to run with each outfit, not that a significant number of us have unrestricted supports to blow on each charming hat or headband we see. Furthermore for somebody who is simply beginning with covering her hair, the conceivable outcomes could be overpowering.  So we should discuss what constitutes your essential stash; what are the vital pieces that no hair-coverer can get by without?


The most …

What are the Offers for Must-Have Hair Accessories?


Perhaps in whatever civilization, hair accessories have always become a major part of ornaments for both men and women. It is a fact that hair accessories date from hundreds of years ago when jewelries and other sorts of embellishments were used to decorate the hair during special occasions, ceremonies like weddings and other religious rituals.

So if you think you can stay as simple as a plain Jane and you have no need for hair accessories, you definitely got it all wrong. Or maybe the reason why you …

Selecting Women’s Hair Accessories


During the early years, all a woman needs is a healthy mane and a good haircut and she is all set to attract attention. However, nowadays, with so many competitions vying for attention, you would need all sorts of hair accessories to make heads turn your way.


A hat is not only to protect the head but also to accessorize it and one of the popular choices is a beret. This headwear does not need any particular season to be worn because it is an appropriate wear any …