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Style it up with a Headband


il_340x270.426632131_mjriSometimes when you’re a parent of a little girl, it gets tough when they start to get conscious of how they look. Dressing them up and matching accessories that will suite their young and innocent taste as well as yours can be quite a challenge.

However, you could always find accessories that will easily match whatever dress they have on which is quite a breather. Learn how headbands can do just the trick.

New Hair Color, New Season


il_340x270.433177530_m71zThroughout the colder months of winter, there’s not a lot that you can do to your hair since you generally need to utilize hair blankets like beanies, winter caps, snoods, and scarves to keep your head warm. In any case come springtime, you have more alternatives on the grounds that you can do away with hair blankets and utilize more trendy hair frill, for example, headbands and hairpins. Not just that, you can likewise really shade your hair for a fresher and more novel look in spring. …

Pretty Heiress Paris Hilton Wears a Headband


draft_lens1425682module12125335photo_1235176644celebrity_headbandShe is so many things in one: an heiress, a media personality, a model, a fashion designer, a socialite, and yes, an actress. But 32-year old Paris Whitney Hilton who is great-granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton looked so young (yet so rich) in this photo sans too much make-up and earrings to adorn her face but she did throw on a headband that made her look neat and impish but chic.

The 2011 fashion scene has well-rounded headbands strongly felt and for good reason. Headbands are …

Hair Accessories For All Ages


Individuals from all a long time use hair accessories  for a mixed bag of purposes—to secure their hair, to finish their outfit, and to make their look more classy and magnetic. Correct enough—that is the reason today,a extensive variety of hair embellishments is ready for distinctive life organizes. Yes, from tots to mature people, you beyond any doubt can discover a wide choice of hair accessories  that blankets differing necessities.

Children and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers frequently have small hair, and in a few cases babies are even conceived …

The Essence OF Headbands


Toddlers, kids, schoolgirls, high schoolers, junior grown-ups, and mature people you’ll all see them wearing headbands sometime or another. So what makes the aforementioned extras exceptionally prevalent? To know why they’re a hit to individuals of all a long time, here are the top 5 explanations:

1. Headbands might be worn with any sort of clothing.whether you are wearing your most beloved shirt, a stylish dress, or any easy clothing, you can effectively match it with a fantastic, chic headband. From wide headbands and tiara headbands to those made of metal and …

Get that Perfect 80s Look with Black Banana Clip


Oh, how can I ever forget the 80s retro-themed party that we hosted last year? It was such a blast! Everyone had a grand time and had so much fun wearing elegant 80s outfit and dancing and singing to various 80s tunes. And of course, all guests looked fabulously stylish because of the exciting 80s hair accessories and makeup that complete their overall getup. I, myself, was not left behind. Can you guess what hair accessory I was wearing that day? If you answered black banana clip, …

Look Exotic and Stylish with Feather Headbands


Looking for a unique yet still stylish hair accessory to add to your growing accessories collection? If yes, then feather headbands may just be what you need. Feather headbands may be exotic-looking but they sure look more distinctive from the other types of headbands that you know such as wide headbands, hard hair bands, and headbands with tails. So if it’s distinctive look that you’re after, then these hair accessories are your best bet.

Must-Have Spring Fashion Accessories


Fashion Hair MakeupCan hardly wait for the winter season to be over? I guess you’re as excited as I am to get off those bulky winter jackets and start wearing something lighter yet still comfortable enough for the spring season. Well, we just have to wait a couple of days more, but for now, what we can do is prepare for our spring getup. So, what’s in it for us this spring? New hair accessories, perhaps? Not a bad idea—after all, we need to do away with …

Top 3 Fashion Hair Accessories for Toddlers


From the cute smiling baby that she once was, now she’s a certified toddler—playful, active, and more than ready to mingle. Are you ready for her new wardrobe and accessories too? Yes, whether you like it or not, you’ve got to buy her new stuff because her old outfit and accessories no longer fit her. So go and tell your hubby because this is just the best excuse you have to splurge on toddler clothes and stuff. Finding new clothes for her won’t be much of a …

Hair Accessories for Baby’s 1st Birthday


Your little girl is turning one soon, and for sure, you’re very much excited to celebrate this special milestone in her life. Oh, how time flies! Just a few months back, she was that tiny little princess you’re holding for the first time. And now, she’s grown big, tall, and so adorable. I’m pretty sure you can hardly wait for her big day. So, what are your plans so far? I bet, you’re going to throw her a grand 1st birthday party. That’s cool! With that, you’ll …

Sassy and Sexy with Silk Headbands


From practical pieces of cloth made to conquer sweats or keep the hair or face away from dirt and smoke, the headband has transformed into a fashion must-have especially silk headbands. Today, headbands are considered among the top fashion accessories in sports or in casual wear and are among the widely used girl essentials.

In sports, the headband is worn as protection against sweat and to keep the hair away from near the eye area. The materials used for such kind are those that easily absorb water so …

Hair Accessories for Shorter Hair


Short hair requires less time styling than longer locks. That’s why, some women prefer to have their hair cut short after enjoying longer hair for a couple of years. However, a few girls are quite hesitant about this thought because they think styling options are limited for short hair. True? Not quite, and definitely not these days! Because in reality, there are a number of hair accessories that can do the trick of styling short hair.  Read on to find out what are these.

5 Most Common Hair Care Myths


A friend told you that the reason behind your hair falling out is stress. But your mom immediately contradicted that statement. So, who could be telling the truth? Find out here about the top 5 hair care myths to help you come up with the right solution to your hair care woes.

Myth #1: Using ice-cold water when rinsing can result in shinier hair.

Truth: Not exactly. Whether you rinse with ice-cold, cold, or lukewarm water after shampooing, you’ll get the same shiny hair if the product you are …

Headbands -What Kind to Buy


If you want fast and easy way to accessorize, there is no need to look elsewhere in your closet or drawer. With hair pieces such as headbands, in an instant you are accessorized. But with so many headbands available in the market, you may want to know what kind or what type of headband may be the best to buy. Below are some suggestions:

Crochet Headband

Undeniably one the well-picked type of headband is crochet.

5 Insane But True Things About Headband Styles


5 Things About Headband StylesMy five year old daughter never leaves home without her headband. Her favorite one is turquoise and made of plastic. She doesn’t quite understand the real purpose of this hair styling tool and at times does not fit all of her hair behind it. If I try to nudge her and put it on for her she will have not part of it. This led me to a fact finding mission …