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The Basics of Head Coverings


MG_9353 (1)To the extent that as it is to have a headcovering or hair assistant to run with each outfit, not that a significant number of us have unrestricted supports to blow on each charming hat or headband we see. Furthermore for somebody who is simply beginning with covering her hair, the conceivable outcomes could be overpowering.  So we should discuss what constitutes your essential stash; what are the vital pieces that no hair-coverer can get by without?


The most …

New HairCoverings Blog!


My name is Debbie and welcome to my haircoverings blog. I’m doing what I love doing best- blogging for my business. In my store I sell many types of hair coverings and accessories to make you look the best you can. We have great products with excellent quality. The purpose of this blog is for us to communicate to the Hair Covering community. I would love to know your opinoins, ideas, and interests so we can impliment them and service you better. On this blog we will post sales, new arrivals, promotions, product ideas, videos …