Take good care of wigs using these tips

imagesFor many of us, wigs are very important. They do not only make you look good, but they also help conceal hair loss and alopecia as a whole. There are many types of wigs, but the two subtypes include human hair wig and synthetic wig. There is a huge difference between the two. Regardless of the differences one thing remains true and that is you have to take good care of your wig for it to last.
Use the appropriate brush
There are many types of hair brushes, but only a few that can go well with your hair. It is important to use the right brush for your wig. As much as possible, choose a brush that has the ability to prevent hair damage. Use a hair brush specially designed for your wig. If you don’t have that kind of hair brush, then the best thing to use is wide toothed comb. This helps detangles the hair with minimum damage.
Wig care products
The general condition of the wig changes overtime depending on the frequency of use. Without proper care, your wig will look dull. There is also an instance when the wig gets entangled to the point that it is unwearable. For your wig to last, you should use wig care products such as shampoo and conditioner for wigs. This wig care products will make your wig healthy, shiny, and last longer. With the use of the right product, you will be able to prolong the lifespan of your wig.
Cleanse your wig right!
It is important to wash your wig the right way. Before washing the wig, you have to make sure you detangle it first. To gently detangle the hair, you need to use the right hair brush of a wide toothed comb. Use the right shampoo and apply just enough amount of shampoo and dilute the shampoo in cold water. Submerge the wig in water with a shampoo and gently rub the strands. Be very gentle; just enough to get rid of the oil and dirt. Once the wig is thoroughly clean, the next step is to rinse the wig and make sure that the excess water is squeezed out.
After shampooing the wig, the next step is to apply a conditioner. Put a generous amount of hair conditioner, leave for a few minutes, and rinse afterwards. Afterwards, gently blot out the excess water and let the wig dry up. The correct way of drying the wig is laying it flat on the surface. Some have this practice of brushing the wig while it is wet. This is a wrong practice. If you do so, then you are literally damaging the wig. Wait until the wig has completely dried up before brushing. It is also not recommended to wash the wig every day as doing so will decrease the lifespan of the wig. Some people prefer to wash their wig twice a month depending on the frequency of use.

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