The Beauty of the French Combs

comb hairHave you seen those little combs often made of plastic inserted into the hair for a firm hold of a bun so that it is confined in place? That is the hair accessory so classic yet so useful and has been around for the longest time – the French combs.

There may have been a time when you have seen them used by mostly women of age but these hair accessories have evolved to become one of the most sought-after hair partner. They are easy to use, quick, simple and without so much fuss. Simply insert into place and voila – instant hair fashion.

Their sizes differ to accommodate all sorts of hair texture, length and style. The bigger combs are often used for thicker hair that is long enough to be coiled into a stylish bun to make it look prettier.


Tips in using the French comb:


  1. For a bit of style, simply put the comb backward, in an upside-down fashion (the teeth of the comb toward the front) so that when the hair is flipped over, it stays firmly in place.  Choose one that is embellished for a more attractive piece.


  1. Create a soft, raised fluff on the crown area of your hair by pushing the hair a little forward with the use of a fine-tooth French comb. That is an instant look of sophistication without using other accessories.


French combs are great for styling whatever your hair style, texture or length is. If you want an instantly clear face minus the bangs, this stylish comb will do the trick – simple and easy. If you’d like to add a style to a simple ponytail, add a French comb to the whole picture and that simple ponytail look becomes chic.


Combs have indeed gone a long way in hair fashion that they function more than their usual. They don’t just fix your hair to neat strands of attractive locks, the creativity of comb makers have also done a fantastic job at them. So the next time you feel like doing a bit more than casual hairdo, try the ways you can create out of these hair pieces. You may even come up with your own invention as you play around with a French comb and start a trend among friends. So what are you waiting for? Try and have fun with hair styles now using the old but modern hair accessory, the French comb.

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