Using Hair Rollers Made Easy

use_rollers_1 (1)If you have all the time and money in the world, perhaps you’ll be in a salon from time to time just to get the vibrant curly hair that you’ve always wanted. But since you don’t have, you have to find more practical ways to do so–and one of which is by using hair rollers.


Hair rollers are the most reliable hair accessories that you can use if you want to achieve soft waves and curls or looks with lots of hair volume. Although a curling iron can very much do the trick too, often times these are used by those who are looking for a more natural and less damaging way to get curly hair.

However, you have to note that using these hair rollers can be a little tricky sometimes. And so to help you combat flat waves and curl drop that look more awful than you can imagine, we’ve listed here a couple of tips for you to try the next time you use hair rollers to style you hair.


1. Use Velcro rollers for naturally smooth hair. They are less likely to get tangled in your hair, and they don’t need to be clipped in place, so they are the much better option. But they can also be used to provide soft curl and full body for damp or dry hair.


2. Know the difference between large and small rollers. Although both help you achieve curly hair, the results are very much different. Of course, large rollers provide less curl, while small rollers result in lots of curl.


3. Skip the use of conditioner when washing your hair. Why? Because the softer your hair, the harder it is for you to keep a curl. So might as well do away with this and add a volumizing hair styling product instead before putting your rollers to add grip to your hair strands.


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