Wear these hair accessories for casual look

wear-hair-boho-braided-hairstyle-how_103621You can never go wrong with having a casual hair accessory with you. It is something that you can wear on a day to day basis. You will instantly look fab. If you are going to search around, you will notice that there are so many hair accessories to choose from. Which of them can be considered casual? Well, keep on reading below.

Jaw clips

A jaw clip is a must have hair accessory. If you don’t like using a hair tie because it leaves an undesirable mark on your hair, then a jaw clip should be used. It keeps the hair in place. You can buy jaw clips in different colors, designs, and sizes. So, you can find one that perfectly matches the need of your hair. You can even fine a mini jaw clip which you can use to hold a section of your hair. You can use it in styling your hair in different ways. Some jaw clips are plain while others have intricate designs. It really is up to you to choose which one suits you best.

Hair comb

This is another must have casual hair accessory. For everyday use, choose the one made from plastic. You can find the comb in many different sizes. Choose a hair comb with great considerations to the length and volume of your hair. Using a hair comb is pretty simple. Just put the comb backwards the same way as you comb your hair. It should be upside down so that the designs will be out and the teeth of the comb are hidden inside your hair.

Hair pin

If you love styling your hair, then you surely have a hair pin. It is a thin metal that has two ends. The other one is curved while the other is designed to open. Before, hair pins are only available in black. Today, you can find hair pins in all sorts of colors. They too have intricate designs. Some have beadings while others have glitters. You can go plain or with sparkles.


A barrette is perfect is gathering your hair. Depending on the size, you can gather all your hair or a few section of it. Just gather your hair, fasten, and clip it. You will easily style your hair in a ponytail, half up or even clip the bangs. Barrettes are available in various sizes. They too come in different colors and styles. Some are plain while others have decorative accents.


Who does not know a headband? It probably is one of the oldest hair accessories ever created. Even a toddler knows what a headband is. It is a casual hair accessory but over the years, designs are added to make it wearable even on special occasions. They are available in different sizes, colors, styles, and types of materials used. A plastic headband is easy to find. Although you can find headbands made from cloth, soft metal, and a combination of different materials.

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