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From Our Blog

Socialize with us! sells a complete array of Hair Accessories and headcovering for women,  girls and children. From the Pre Tied Bandanas to the hairbands there are many to choose for each style and taste.

Our exclusive Hair Accessories start wiht our Pre Tied Bandannas that are made in the U.S.  There are many different fabrics including lycra, velvet, cotton, velour, cotton lycra, terry and embroidered. Besides for being used as a religious haircovering these banndanas are used for cancer patients who have hair lose due to chemotherapy or patients with alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical conditions.

The Israeli Tichels come in many colors and styles and is also great for headcovering. These headscarves also known as mitpachot have a simple way to tie so they stay secure on your head.

Hair has a beautiful collection of hair clips, banana clips, scrunchies, pony holders and jewel clips. They are great for wedding accessories or any other occasion. Some hard headbands have teeth and some are smooth. The hair bands have stones, crystals, feathers, appliqués and other unique ornaments.

We carry wide headbands, headbands with tails, untied headbands, tied headbands, elastic headbands and silk headbands. They are a one size fits all.

Berets, hats, pull on hats, ski caps, turbans, hairnets, snoods, winter hats and summer caps can all be found here in many different colors. should be your number one guide to all of your Hair Accessory and head covering needs. Come browse our website and enjoy our beautiful selection of headcoverings. You can also Follow us on Twitter OR Our Blog OR Facebook.

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